Rentalux Services

Rentalux specializes in finding temporary accommodation for companies. 

Temporary accommodation

Rentalux specializes in finding temporary accommodation for companies. Housing can eat into your company budget. Our goal is to find accommodation for you and your workers fast and here comes the best part: the price will be the same! Yes, we are offering the same rate no matter where you are staying in Sweden, 180 swedish crowns (less than 20 Euros!) per person per day.

Happy to assist you

As soon as you know where your next project is taking you in Sweden get in touch with us and see what kind of accommodation we can find, we will be happy to assist you and help you to find the best solution. We can accommodate as many as 250 workers or more.

Included in the price

The follow is always included in the price:
Change of bed linen
Electricity, heating and water
Washing machine (or the access to one)

Accommodation types

We provide a wide range of accommodation options anywhere in Sweden. We can offer you apartments, houses, hotels and hostels from just one night to several months or a year depending on individual customer needs. Whatever you need, we have a solution for you!

Often you will have an accommodation offer within the hour, and they will keep coming until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Save time and money with Rentalux!

You don’t need to wonder about the price you are going to get, remember it is less than 20 Euros per employee per night. Get in touch with our team, let us know where you need accommodation, the dates and for how many workers and they’ll get you started!